On Stage Vacaville


An Expanded Role!

The sounds of music, laughter, and applause resound as the Theatre is used by more and more groups and organizations in the community. On Stage Vacaville seeks to find ways to bring new ideas and programming to the Theatre, to reach out to even more community groups, and to expand our means of informing Vacaville and the surrounding area about the outstanding programming at the Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre. To do this, On Stage Vacaville has set ambitious but attainable goals.
Expand the Theatre’s programming focus.
Facilitate education and exposure to the arts for the youth of our community.

Become a Friend of the Theatre!

We cordially invite you to become a member of On Stage Vacaville, a collaborative team of community minded citizens, who are commited to staging, showcasing, promoting, and underwriting superior entertainment in our Theatre.

View our Membership Page to find out how you can become a member.

When you join On Stage Vacaville, you will:
Have the satisfaction of personally supporting the arts and participating in the cultural development of our community.
Encourage local talented artists as they develop their talents and gifts.
Assist in bringing well established performers to our Theatre.

On Stage Vacaville is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, support, development & growth of arts appreciation & programming for Vacaville’s Performing Arts Theatre. Our thanks go out to each of you who has so generously helped to make the Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre the success that it is today. The stage is set for our Theatre to become a catalyst for cultural growth in the Vacaville area.

Stop by the “Shoe Store”!

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On Stage Vacaville opens a “Shoe Store” to celebrate the Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre!

Buy a shoe now!

On Stage Vacaville has been showcasing winning performances for more than a decade as part of their commitment to Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre and the community. Now you can be a part of our commitment to the arts by ordering one, or a pair, of this beautiful work of art, “Jester’s shoes” designed by artist Jill Hunter.

The sale of these unique, limited edition, sculpted, bronze shoes is a fund-raising effort for On Stage Vacaville to help ensure the future of quality performances at the Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre. Individual shoes are $400 + $31.50 tax / Pairs are $720 + $56.70 tax.

To purchase your shoe, please contact the Theatre Box Office at 707/460-4013.


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